Q2 Planner Now Available! This updated version runs from April 2020 through March 2020

Introducing the Digital Planning Starter Bundle!

Digital Planner + 20 Section Digital Notebook

Simplify your planning and make THIS the year you crush your biggest goals!

If you thrive on planning and organization, I bet you've bought your fair share of paper planners and notebooks. The fresh pages are so exciting, and you just can’t wait to dig in...until you realize you never seem to have your planner in your hands when you need it. You start scribbling notes on random sheets of paper, sending yourself frantic “note to self” emails and suddenly your organization system has completely gone out the window. Your life is so fast-paced, that strapping yourself to a physical book doesn't really feel realistic.

So instead, you jump into the world of productivity apps - Google calendar, Trello, Asana, Todoist, Slack. These apps certainly can simplify your life, but they fall short in one VERY important area. They don’t give you the ability to physically write out your notes and your goals. They don’t give you the freedom to sketch out an idea or brainstorm through a project timeline. Since these are productivity-focused tools, they are created for a single purpose and limit you to use them in the specific way they were designed. 

Because of this, trying to create your vision and translate that into actions directly within a productivity app will lead to a less inspired plan that will lack the insight and direction needed to really get you to your true end goal. 

Research has shown that you become more likely to achieve your goals and dreams simply by writing them down on a regular basis.  The physical act of writing out your goals creates a deeper mental connection to them. So while Trello might be a great place for your home improvement to do list, it isn't the best place to start when you are planning out those big life-changing goals you want to achieve.

Here’s where digital planning comes in. It perfectly merges the open-ended creativity of paper with the convenience of the digital world. Your digital planner will be delivered to you as a file that can be imported into any PDF markup app. Essentially, you can think of it as the "next generation" paper planner - a digital version that has been created specifically for use on a tablet device. 

This planner is packed with features and extras!

Dated Pages

Hyperlinked monthly, weekly and daily dated pages make planning and navigation quick and easy
Monday Start & Sunday Start weeks

Flexible Layouts

Use the included page layout "widget sticker" image collection to customize the dated monthly, weekly and daily pages

Goal Setting

Complete, guided goal achievement system. Capture your vision, plan your time, set your goals, and create an action plan each week

Custom Sections

Create your own custom sections to keep yourself organized! Section divider pages are hyperlinked from each page of the planner for easy navigation

Bonus Templates

Library of 40 bonus template pages to meet all of your planning needs. You can duplicate these templates as many times as needed!

Digital Stickers

Add a little personality to your planner with the bonus decorative digital sticker collection (over 350 sticker images total!)

What Others Are Saying

Love this Planner!

I loved the 2019 version too. This designer has the quickest loading pages I’ve used. The design is clean and simple which makes it the easy to customize.  I like the sticker book that comes with the planner which allows for more customization. I recommend this digital planner above all the others I’ve bought in the past.

Pamela Boles

This is just what I was looking for

 Easy to navigate and the extra sticker book with all the pre-cropped stickers is a game changer for me. I had just about given up on finding a digital planner until I came across a you tube video. The how to and explanations were spot on. Also quick response when I had a question. Can’t wait to see what else will be offered.

Alicia Robertson

Perfect minimal planner!

I have used an Erin Condren for the last few years, and I thought it was time I moved to digital planning. I searched for hours for a minimalistic planner that I would also be able to use stickers in, and when I’d almost given up I found this one. It is absolutely perfect! It can be everything that I need in one place. I have finally found my planner peace!

Sierena Parker

Dated Planning Pages

Dated Pages run from April 2020 through March 2021

  • Monthly Dated Pages: Map out your month and capture big milestones. You can quickly jump to any month through the “tabs” along the right side of the planner. 
  •  Weekly Dated Pages: Capture your priorities for the week. You can jump to your weekly pages by tapping the week number along the left side of the monthly pages. 
  • Daily Dated Pages: Block your time and manage your priorities and to do list. Daily pages are linked from both the monthly and weekly dated pages, so you can always quickly jump to your daily page from any planner spread.
  • Week Start Options: This purchase includes 2 versions of the planner: one with Monday start weeks and one with Sunday start weeks - choose to use whichever version you prefer!

Flexible Layouts

"Widget" sticker collection allows you to quickly add content blocks to your dated pages to fit your planning needs - add schedule blocks, priority lists, habit trackers and more

Your Success Roadmap

This three phase process includes guided exercises to walk you step-by-step through clarifying your focus for the year, managing your time and setting goals. 

This system is designed to help you gain the insight needed to set goals that will help you reach your ideal future vision for your life.

Goal Setting

The "Goals at a Glance" page links out to individual planning pages to create a detailed plan for each goal. 

Your goals will become the foundation for your weekly and daily action planning, so this page is linked through the flag icon in the planner top menu to make it quick to refer back to. 

Weekly Planning

In addition to the basic, weekly calendar spread, I’ve also included a dedicated strategic planning page for each week of the year. Use this page to reflect, clarify your focus and set yourself up for success at the start of each new week. 

Each week’s planning page is linked to the star icon on the weekly calendar page and the shaded right margin on the monthly calendar pages. Jump back to your weekly calendar page by tapping the week number in the upper right corner of your weekly planning page.

Custom Sections

This planner includes 8 customizable sections and 28 blank pages. Each of the 8 custom sections correspond to one of the colored dots on the top menu of the planner. These dots each link to a dedicated divider page that serves as a section “bookmark”. 

You can use these custom sections to build out collections of pages based on your needs - monthly habit trackers, collections of meeting or class notes, expense logs, etc. I’ve created a “how to” video to help you make the most of these custom sections.

Sticker Collection

In digital planning, “stickers” are essentially PNG images with transparent backgrounds. You can place these images on any page of your planner to add decorative elements, trackers, or labels — just like you would use physical stickers in a paper planner! I’ve included an extensive collection of over 350 stickers to get you started. 

GoodNotes Users: I’ve compiled all of these stickers in a digital “sticker book”. This makes it easy to browse your sticker collection and quickly select, copy and paste any sticker you want to use. 

For Non-GoodNotes Users: I’ve included all of the individual PNG image files in an organized .zip folder so you can easily insert each sticker individually into your planner through the PDF markup app you use (e.g. Notability, Xodo, Drawboard)

Template Pages

I’ve included a collection of 40 bonus page layouts that you can duplicate as many times as needed. You can use these bonus layouts for specialized planning, running lists, tracking habits or important information, taking notes, etc. 

Bonus: Alternate Covers 

& Cover Labels

When you import planners or other documents into your PDF markup app (Goodnotes, Notability, etc.) the first page of the document ends up becoming the “thumbnail” or cover image in your document library within the app. 

So I’ve included a whole collection of alternate cover pages and specially designed sticker images that you can use to replace the default planner cover and add your own personality to the cover of your planner. 

PLUS: The Ultimate Digital Notebook

In addition to the planner, this bundle also includes my premium digital notebook. 

You can import this notebook file again and again with endless customization options!

  • 20 customizable sections

  • 8 alternate cover and 35 decorative divider stickers

  • Top menu bar allows you to quickly jump to the table of contents or any section of the notebook

  • Choose from a selection of 16 template pages to duplicate to build out your custom sections

New to Digital Planning? 

Here's how this works:

Digital planning recreates the experience of using a paper planner or notebook on your iPad or tablet device. It gives you the same freedom and flexibility you have on paper and allows you to physically write out your notes and goals.  

To use this digital planner and notebook, you will need: 
     1.  Tablet device 
     2.  A stylus or Apple Pencil 
     3.  PDF markup/annotation app 

          (e.g. Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo)

I have been digital planning for 3 years and I have purchased many digital planners looking for one that meets my needs. I have FINALLY found that planner!! This is by far the most customizable planner I have ever found. I am a homeschooling mom and with this planner I can lesson plan for my two kids and manage my schedule all with this one planner!

Included with Purchase:

  • Digital Planner PDF files (Monday Start AND Sunday Start options)

  • Guided goal setting system embedded in planner

  • Collection of 40 bonus template pages to build out your custom sections

  • GoodNotes sticker book with pre-cropped stickers 

  • Over 350 individual decorative sticker PNG files

  • Collection of "widget" stickers to customize your date page layouts

  • Bonus decorative cover collection
  • Digital Notebook PDF file
  • Notebook decorative covers and section dividers 
  • How-to video series guiding you through the setup process for your new planner & notebook

Ready to get started?

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