2023-2024 Teacher Planning Bundle

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This daily, dated digital planner has everything you need to set your goals and create a plan to achieve them! From setting actionable goals to managing priorities day-to-day, this planner will support you every step of the way. With the bonus teacher digital insert set, you can also add lesson planning and classroom management templates to your planner!

This planner now includes 8 VERSIONS to choose from, find your perfect planner layout:
  • Do you prefer to use a calendar with weeks starting on Sunday or Monday? Both options are included for each version, just take your pick!
  • Choose between 4 different weekly page layout options: vertical columns, boxed, schedule or expanded note space

You'll have instant access to all versions, our download guide will help you find your perfect version!


Dated Pages: Monthly, Weekly and Daily dated planning pages with hyperlinks for easy navigation (both sunday start and monday start week options included). Dated calendar pages run from July 2023 through June 2024.

Monthly Bonus Pages: In addition to the standard monthly calendar page, each month has 5 linked bonus pages: reflection, planning, habit tracking, financial budgeting and a notes page. This new version now has improved navigation! Quickly toggle between monthly calendar and bonus pages through the upper menu.

Weekly Bonus Pages: In addition to the standard weekly calendar page, each week has 5 linked bonus pages: weekly focus/planning, a planner view (can be used for meal planning/assignment tracking), wellness tracking, to do list and a notes page. This new version now has improved navigation! Quickly toggle between weekly calendar and bonus pages through the upper menu.

Annual Trackers: This new version now includes linked annual pages for three years (2023, 2024 & 2025). This allows you to cature important dates and details in the future beyond the 12 months included in your planner. Each year has 8 dedicated pages to record key dates, milestones by quarter, health and finance tracking and a page for notes or a vision board.

Goal Setting: The exclusive "Goal Clarity Roadmap" walks you step-by step through the process of reflecting, clarifying your vision, optimizing your time and creating actionable goals. This proven process has been followed by thousands across our community. These exercises are simple but powerful and will truly help you reach the next level in the upcoming year.

Goal Planning: This section includes space to plan and track 12 goals throughout your year. Each goal links to a goal plan template, a gantt chart template and a progress view template. This goal planning system seamlessly ties into your monthly and weekly planning pages to help you stay on track throughout the year.

Custom Sections: 24 customizable notes sections hyperlinked to the table of contents and accessible through tabs on every bonus template page for easy navigation. You can easily build out your sections with the included template pages to capture project plans, important notes, a reading log, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Bonus Template Pages: Library of 40+ bonus planning page templates that can be duplicated as many times as needed (see below for list of all templates)

Sticker Set: 600+ stickers organized in a sticker book for use in Goodnotes (individual png images also included for non-goodnotes users). These stickers include mix-and-match icons and labels, trackers, sticky notes, NEW goal stickers, and much more! You can see additional details on this collection here: www.etsy.com/listing/1241543916. This $10 sticker set is included as a FREE bonus with this planner!

Layout Widget Stickers: You have endless customization options for your monthly, weekly and daily dated planning pages with the included set of layout "widget" stickers that are designed to fit seamlessly in the open margins/footers of the dated monthly, weekly and daily pages.
 Teacher Insert Page Pack: This bundle includes a bonus insert page pack for lesson planning and classroom management, choose from any of these 15 templates to repurpose the blank pages included in your planner.   All insert pages are included for both portrait and landscape page orientations. 
(see all details of this template set here)

Decorative Covers: Switch up your planner thumbnail by changing the cover of your planner to match your personal aesthetic. This bonus includes 6 decorative planner cover options.

** This is a digital planner intended to be used on an iPad or tablet device in a PDF markup app that supports hyperlinks (such as GoodNotes or Notability)**


Dated planner pages from July 2023 through June 2024 (2023-2025 year at a glance, 12 dated monthly pages, 52 dated weekly pages, 365 daily dated pages). All dated pages are hyperlinked for easy navigation: year at glance page links to each month/week/day, monthly pages link out to both weekly spreads and daily pages, weekly spreads link out to daily pages. Daily pages link back to weeks. Tabs along right side of every page also link to monthly pages.

"Widget" sticker designs allows you to quickly adjust the layout and content of your dated pages to fit your needs - add schedule blocks, priorities, habit trackers and more to your dated pages. These stickers are included in the GoodNotes sticker book and saved as pre-cropped PNGs. They are sized to fit perfectly over the flexible margin/footer areas on your daily, weekly and monthly pages. For more details on how this sticker set works, watch the walk-through video linked above!

600+ stickers in a tabbed sticker book (great for organizing and building your sticker collection). This sticker book is compatible with the GoodNotes 5 app only. For other app users, I've also included all of the sticker images saved as pre-cropped PNG images. They are organized into folders for ease of use. I recommend saving the entire collection to your device or a cloud drive that you can easily access from your PDF markup app.

Annual pages includes 8 dedicated pages for each year (2023, 2024, 2025)
Calendar: this at-a-glance calendar view links to each month, week and day of the year for July 2023-June 2024 for easy navigation
  • Key Dates: record important events and milestones in a year-at-a-glance format. This can easily be copied over to future years
  • Quarterly View: keep track of important milestones by quarter
  • Wish List: list out some of your aspirations for the year and check them off as you make them happen!
  • Annual Tracker: Use this annual tracking page to keep a record of any important metric: your mood, sleep quality or cycle
  • Health Tracker: Track the most important details of your personal health throughout the year
  • Finance Tracker: Set financial goals for yourself and track your spending/saving in a single view month-to-month
  • Notes Page: This blank grid page is perfect for creating a vision board or capturing quick notes

Each month includes 6 dedicated pages, quickly navigate between them through the improved monthly navigation menu!
  • Calendar: plan out all your appointments for the month. This page links to each weekly and daily page
  • Reflection: think back over the last month and capture your wins and areas of opportunity
  • Planning: using the insight gained through reflection, set your intention and choose the milestones you'll focus on from the Goal Clarity Roadmap
  • Monthly Tracker: track all your most important habit goals over the month
  • Finance Tracker: summarize your financial spending over the month, this page works directly with your annual finance tracker
  • Notes Page: This blank grid page is perfect for capturing quick notes or adding an overlay of any of the included template pages

Each week includes 6 dedicated pages, quickly navigate between them through the improved weekly navigation menu!
  • Calendar: plan out all your appointments for the week. This page links to each daily page, you can now choose between FOUR different weekly layouts!
  • Plan View: this alternate weekly view lays out the days of the week with vertical columns, perfect for meal, assignment or workout planning
  • Weekly Focus: reflect on the previous week and clarify your focus for the upcoming week, this page ties directly into the Goal Clarity Roadmap
  • Wellness: track your sleep, exercise, water/nutrition and mindfulness practices
  • List: this 6 section to do list can be used for managing project lists or personal to-do's by category, you can easily copy/paste to the next week as needed
  • Notes Page: This blank grid page is perfect for capturing quick notes or adding an overlay of any of the included template pages

40+ bonus page templates included - all pages can easily be duplicated as many times as needed
• Weekly Block View (2 design options)
• Weekly Schedule View (2 design options)
• Undated Monthly spread
• Yearly Overview (2 design options)
• Quarterly Overview
• Key Dates
• Goal Planner
• Vision Goal Planner
• Wish List (Bucket List)
• Meal Planner (2 design options)
• Project Planner
• Password Organizer
• Habit Tracker (2 design options)
• Mood Tracker
• Workout Tracker
• Time Tracker
• Nutrition Log
• Reading List
• 6 Section To-Do List
• Blank 12 Block View
• Blank Column View
• Two Column List Page
• Bill Payment Tracker
• Debt Payment Tracker
• Expense Tracker
• Monthly Budget
• Blank Pages (Grid, Dotted, Lined, Blank)
• Note Pages (Grid, Dotted, Lined, Blank)
• Meeting Note Pages (Grid, Dotted, Lined, Blank)
Teacher Insert Pages - these additional layouts are included in both PDF and image format to add to your planner. These 15 additional layouts have been created specifically for classroom planning & organization:
• Student Info List
• Student Bio
• Seating Chart
• Lesson Planner (5 classes)
• Lesson Planner (7 classes)
• Lesson Plan Template
• Holidays & Events Log
• Student Birthday Log
• Contact Log
• Classroom Expenses (2 layout versions)
• Class Volunteers Log
• Assignment Tracker
• Attendance Tracker
• 6 Section To Do List

2023-2024 Planner Download Guide PDF, this file includes links to all 8 versions of the planner so you can easily choose your perfect planner version!

The download guide also includes links to download your sticker set and bonus covers
- GoodNotes sticker book file (for use in GoodNotes only)
- Zip file of all individual sticker PNG files (for use on desktop or in any other PDF annotation app)
- Decorative cover set PDF file
- Teacher Insert Pages (includes both portrait and landscape layout options as well as a "getting started" informational PDF to guide you through the process of using insert pages in your digital planner)
How To Use Digital Templates

New to Digital Planning & Notetaking? 

Digital planning recreates the experience of using a paper planner or notebook on your iPad or tablet device. It gives you the same freedom and flexibility you have on paper, allowing you to physically write out your notes and goals.

How it works

The files you will receive with your purchase are designed to be imported into a PDF markup app of your choice. 

To use these files you will need:

1. Tablet device 

2. A stylus or Apple Pencil that is compatible with both your markup app and device

3. PDF markup/annotation app(e.g. Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, Drawboard Pro)

Want more information on markup app and device options? Click here to read more.

Digital Planners & Notebooks

Your purchase will include PDF file(s) that are optimized for use in a PDF markup app. These files include internal hyperlinks that allow you to easily jump between pages and navigate within the document. Every planner/notebook includes a collection of template pages, these pages can be duplicated as many times as you wish to build out your document. This is one of the biggest perks of working digitally - you have a ton of flexibility to choose your page layouts and build out the structure of your notebook or planner.Most planners & notebooks also include bonus content (e.g. decorative covers, stickers, etc.) View product description for details on what's included with each specific planner or notebook.

Stickers & Sticker Books

Stickers are decorative images designed to be used within your digital planners and notebooks. They are pre-cropped with transparent backgrounds, allowing you to place them anywhere on your page - just like you would with physical sticker on paper!

Sticker books are only compatible with the GoodNotes 5 app. However, all sticker purchases also include a standard .zip file containing all individual pre cropped PNG image files. These files can be used in any PDF markup app that supports inserting images.

Insert Pages

Insert pages are delivered as both PNG and PDF file types and provide an option for adding new page layouts to your planner or notebook. 

Decorative Covers

When you import planners or other documents into your PDF markup app (Goodnotes, Notability, etc.) the first page of the document ends up becoming the “thumbnail” or cover image in your document library within the app. 

Replacing this first page with another decorative page will replace that cover. This is just a fun, decorative option that gives you the ability to add a little extra personality to your planners and notebooks. 

Alternate covers are delivered as PDF files, just choose the decorative cover page you want to use, copy the page, and paste it as the first page in your planner or notebook document.

Overwhelmed with the details? Don't worry, I have you covered!

I provide step-by-step instructions for getting started, just click here to learn more.

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